2010 ILCA Annual Conference

79th Annual ILCA Conference
October 4-6th, 2010 
DoubleTree Hotel
Columbus/Worthington, OH

The 79th Annual Conference Agenda
RF Check has made the presentation available to ILCA members. You can download the presentation today by contacting us. RF Check has also made several white papers available to ILCA members. In order to receive these white papers you must contact Rick Burnheimer by email. The white papers are as follows:
AT&T Alascom v. Orchitt case
Distinctions between Cell Phone and RF Exposure Litigation
Limitations of Pocket Protection Monitors
Plaintiffs Guide to Financially Impact the Insurance Industry
Procedure & Science Establishing RF Human Exposure Limits
Quantification of the Insurance Industry Financial Risk
RF Signage Requirements

The Bicentennial Park Construction Field Trip

The construction job site field trip was to the heart of the Scioto Mile project that will eventually make a green corridor connecting Columbus with the Scioto River.  Messer Construction company is building a 4.7 acre park that will feature a 15,000 sq ft water fountain, a dining café, and outdoor amphitheatre.  The park is called John W Galbreath Bicentennial Park.

The tour of the park project took us inside the café, around the fountains and even down into the pump room.  The water and lights will be electronically choreographed to dazzle.

During the visit, Messer was finishing the foundation for the café and water fountain.  The water fountain will feature an array of fountains with LED lighting that will definitely be a unique eye catching part of the Scioto Mile.  It is set to be completed in summer of 2011.  More information about the Scioto Mile can be located here:  http://www.sciotomile.com/.  More information about Messer can be located here:  http://www.messer.com/.
Below are several pictures taken from the field trip.



Fountain Decking


Pump Room


Inside the Café

The safety industry is a continually changing profession which requires advanced education and up-to-date knowledge to provide your clients with the best the industry has to offer some of our outstanding topics this year include: 
The Safetyand Liability Impacts of RF Radiation from Wireless Transmissions Sites
Hearing Protection
Restaurant Liability
NFPA 101/Life Safety Code
Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations  Managing non-regulated fleet risk
NFPA 13 and 13R
The Basics of Wiring and Electricity
Inland Marine
ITV – Valuations
Do Your Underwriters Know what you do?
Machine Guarding presented by OSHA
Are you a CSP?
Individuals who achieve the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification must meet recertification requirements every five years through the Continuance of Certification (COC) program.  A CSP must achieve 25 points from among ten categories of activities in order to maintain certification. 

Simply as a member ILCA you can obtain 1 point per year.  This credit comes under the category of Safety Organization/Division Membership.  

By attending the ILCA Conference you can earn one credit point under the category for Professional Development Conference Attendance.  Serving as an officer of our organization can also earn you a point under the category for Professional Service. 

Information obtained from www.bcsp.org. the publication outlining in detail and containing the rules which apply to a CSP.

We are confident you will find ample opportunity to strengthen your skills.  Many of our speakers were suggested by members and come highly recommended with many years of experience in their fields and the ability to communicate their topics well.